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About MABC

Mid America Banklease Corp. and its bank affiliates offer a broad range of flexible leasing plans that match the quality and working life of the equipment with your company's cash flow. Mid America writes municipal leases for cities, villages, counties, townships and universities. We are also available to attend municipal meetings.

blue bulletI've always paid cash. Why should I lease?
There are many advantages to leasing. Many of them involve the preservation of working capital. Leasing pays for 100% of the equipment you need, keeping your working capital free for other investment projects. A good rule of thumb is: buy things which appreciate in value. Lease things that depreciate. Leasing keeps bank lines of credit available too.

blue bulletWhat can be leased?
Almost any durable piece of equipment, which costs $20,000 or more, used in a trade or business can be leased.

blue bulletWho maintains the equipment?
The lessee is responsible for maintaining the equipment in good operating condition. We do not build any cost into the lease for maintenance.

blue bulletWho pays the insurance?
The lessee is responsible for providing insurance coverage for the leased equipment. Mid America Banklease Corp. should be listed as the additional insured and co-loss payee on your policy.

blue bulletIs Mid America owned by an equipment manufacturer?
No. Mid America Banklease Corp. is part of an eight-bank holding company in Wisconsin with no ownership ties to equipment manufacturers or dealers. In regard to the various brands and dealerships, we remain impartial. Once we write a lease contract with a customer, it is that customer whom we serve.

blue bulletWhat if I am looking for a particular piece of equipment?
We will help you look.

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