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Benefits of Leasing

blue bulletKeeps working capital working - not tied up in fixed assets.

blue bulletOffers a hedge against inflation - you pay for today's needed asset with tomorrow's deflated dollar.

blue bullet Allows equipment to pay for itself with the revenue it generates.

blue bullet Keeps bank lines of credit open for expansion of business, receivables, and inventories.

blue bullet Allows you to pinpoint equipment costs to specific projects or profit centers.

blue bullet May offer tax advantages or timing advantages as an operating expense.

blue bullet Permits the immediate ordering of needed equipment at today's prices.

blue bullet Allows you the benefits of ownership without major cash outlays.

blue bullet Eliminates depreciation accounting problems and simplifies bookkeeping.

blue bullet Allows you to capitalize on unbudgeted opportunities or emergencies.

blue bullet Provides 100% equipment financing without compensating balances or down payments. Prevents blanket liens and hereafter clauses.


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